About In The Box

Is the one stop shop for all occasions !! Everything inside the box will help you celebrate whatever the occasion !! Be it a Birthday Party, retirement party or a festival or a Pooja or a Corporate gift, we have a box ready for you !!

In the box, was born out of passion and creativity.

The lockdown has been a boon and a bane simultaneously.

The restricted movement increased the focus on the important and significant aspects of our personality.

An introspection invoked some sleeping forgotten desires and creative juices once again started flowing ... for us.

So here is

" In the box "...

"In the box " is conceived by Jyoti Srivastava and Nishtha Javeri. Both middle aged and home makers. Children all grown up and ready to chase their own dreams!!

So Midlife crisis was hitting hard.

Contemplation And Covid Lockdown

All of the above reasons culminated into "In the Box".

Jyoti Srivastava

Born and brought up in UP , completed her post graduation from Lucknow. She was in USA for quite a few years. She is a home maker and happy with her own company. She seeks perfection in everything she does. Full of curiosity and need for experimentation drives her.

Very attentive to details and very good with her hands!! The execution proficiency made her get into this venture. She carefully wraps up the gifts and lovingly creates masterpieces!!

Nishtha Javeri

Presently residing in Pune, born and brought up in Jaipur, She pursued fine arts at college level. Went on to work for advertising agencies and undertook freelance works in Jaipur. And soon the art background was helpful "ONLY "in creating children's school projects and likewise😁.

She would make hampers and cards and scrapbooks for all her family members on their special days. The creative spark was underlying in everything she did.

After persuasion from her husband and getting her friend as a partner, she got into this business of spreading joy through her gifting hampers.

So just celebrate any and every occasion and leave the gifting part to us.

We customise & personalise to your specific requirement & occasion.

We have everything sorted @


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